• Editor Reel - 2013
  • "It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me."
    Yes. You've heard that line somewhere before, only from someone who sounded like they just threw back a shot filled with shattered glass. But when I decided to rebuild my portfolio from the ashes of my now-defunct Posterous space (thanks for nothing, Twitter!), I decided it was important to address two questions right off the bat (pun intended):
    Who am I? And more importantly, why should you care?
    Well, since being a loving father, husband and son isn't really applicable to the majority of you, I am simply this:
    • A freelance Final Cut editor specializing over the past year-and-a-half in everything from sizzle & sales reels to interactive web content.
    • A long-time post production professional, having spent 12 years handling dailies and selects for over 50 feature films as a Manager of Post for New Regency Productions.
    • An award-winning screenwriter (2012 WFSA Best of the West "Spurs" award) for my original feature, "An Unkindness of Ravens."
    Hence the slogan, "Writer. Editor. Post." These words define me because they best describe what tools I bring to the table no matter what hat I'm wearing that day:
    • A keen attention to detail.
    • A problem-solver, not problem-creator.
    • A willingness to put in the time to do a job right.
    • An curious mind always striving to learn something new.
    2012 was my first year working almost solely as a freelance editor with a short stint as a post coordinator in between. The experience was amazing and educational in so many ways, but I am now determined to find a long-term project or permanent place of work for the remainder of 2013 and beyond.
    My only hard-fast rule is that whatever is next, it must be creative, engaging, and allow me to utilize my strengths while also providing a unique opportunity to continue to learn and grow.
    - Brian Michael Martin